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MU Online News

18-04-2019 Season 14.

Hi guys.

As our servers has low activity for a long time already, we decided to migrate to Season 14. As we see Season 6 already dead and there are not so much people that ready to play here. We made bonuses, made advertisment but it does not help. We hope that you agree with our position and if you like our servers you can remain play on new version, which bring a lot of new game content including new character class Rune Wizard.

All donations that was made to our server will be returned to your accounts.

First of all we think to open server based on high rates x5000.

19-03-2019 Small update.

Hi guys.

Fixed Elf's speed bug on agility more then 32k.

17-03-2019 Small update.

Hi guys, we have small update regarding character balance again.

- Increased DK damage because we noticied that its too low. Max skill damage increased too, now it's 600%.
- Cash Shop updated.
- We have new Game Master 7um0s. He will keep order in game. If you have questions you can contact him or create support ticket on website.
- Now you can make item option +28/+7% max with Jewel of Life.
- On Server X100 added Character's Newbie Bonus: 1st reset exp X300, 2nd reset exp X250, 3rd reset exp X200, 4th reset exp X150 then common exp.

15-03-2019 Small update.

Guys, we have small update.

Experience in Devil Square & Blood Castle increased to 50%. You can check it out now!

12-03-2019 Small update.

Guys, game was updated.

- In drop from Red Chocolate Box (Blood Castle reward) added chance to get Jewels bundle.
- Devil Square times changed: now it's more often, every 2 hours starts from 01:30 srv time.
- Chaos Castle times changed: now it's more often too, every 2 hours, starts from 00:55 srv time.
- Event calendar times (key H in game) was fixed too, you need update your client via Launcher.exe.

13-03-2019 Small update.

Guys, game was updated again.

Changed Elf's Defense formula. Before: Agility/10, After: Agility/7. You can see changes already in game.
Modified Reset Level Requirements. Now you can make 1st Reset from 350lvl, 2nd Reset from 360lvl, 3rd Reset from 370lvl, 4th Reset from 380lvl, 5th Reset from 390lvl, 6th Reset from 400lvl and so on.

10-03-2019 Small update.

Guys, we have small update.

New items (that we have added in last update) added to normal drops in Raklion. You can go already and hunt it. Can drop with socket slot and without, random luck/skill.

Fixed Support server x100.

Welcome To SimpleMU S6 Episode 3!
New low experience rate will be opened 8. March!

17:00 Server Time (UTC+3)
11:00 Argentina (UTC-3)
15:00 Poland (UTC+1)
21.00 Vietnam (UTC+7)
22.00 Philippines (UTC+8)
Or check our count-back timer on top of website!

Basic Infos:
Experience Normal: x100
Master exp: x100
Maximum level: 400
Max option: +16
No Item shop on website!
Soul + luck 100%, Without 75%
Life: 70%
Resets: 400lvl * 1kk zen, Stats burns, free stats: 500, Max stats: 32767, Max Resets: Unlimited

PVP: Maps: LostTower (1-7), Aida, Karutan are NO PVP maps. /pkclear costs 5kk Zen x Kill Count

New Reset Reward system:
Reach 25 Resets and get 100 Credits;
Reach 50 Resets and get 200 Credits;
Reach 75 Resets and get 300 Credits;
Reach 100 Resets and get 500 Credits

Spots: All maps 5-6 mobs, Press TAB to see on mini-map.
Party exp: Solo = 100%, 2 players = 80%, 3 players = 90%, 4 players = 110%, 5 players = 120%, GP = +5%

Guild and Aliance: max 2 guild in aliance, max 25 players in guild, create guild from 100 level
Post commands: from 150 lvl, 100k Zen /post
Create all characters from 1 1vl (create DK, SM, or ELF to get access to others)

Our Custom Features:
Auto Party & Auto Party with Password
Add & Auto Add Points
Clear Inventory
Char Info & Items Info
Character Lock / Unlock
Disconnect Friend / Own Account
War & Soccer
Jewel Pack Command
Auto Post
Events Time Table + Info
3D Camera & Minimizier
1 New Set & 1 New Weapon each class
and much more..

06-03-2019 Update.

Server was updated.

We have added 7 new Weapons (Sword, Blade, Staff, Stick & etc.), 1 item per each class.
We have added 7 new Sets, 1 set per each class.
We have added 4 new Shields.
Items can have Excellent, Socket options.
You can get it from Selupan Boss & Medusa Boss with random Exc. options and random Socket options.

Added new ingame command - /follow. Usage: /follow <PartyMemberName>.
Moves character to the selected party member.

Added new ingame commands - /rebuild.
Reset your stats to free LevelUpPoints. Cost 10mil Zen.

All HUNT Events (Balrog, Hydra, Pouch of Blessing, Zaikan & etc.) moved to Icarus for better experience.
Now there are all HUNT in Icarus. You need update your game client (re-open Launcher).
For kill 1 HUNT you get 2 Credits!

We have changed VIP Advantages. You can check it out here.
Added guide with available ingame commands. Link on the main page or here.

Some minor fixes.

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