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09-10-2018 Referral System.

Hi there!
Referral system was added in your accounts.
More info on the referral system page.

29-09-2018 Some fixes.

Fixed BC, DS, CC for players with 3rd quest.
Update your game client via Launcher.exe (open it and game client will be updated automatically).

09-09-2018 In-game commands.

All available game commands are placed here.
Update: Added Store/OffStore commands (works only in Loren Market).

09-09-2018 Reset info.

1 reset from 350 level,
2 reset from 360 level,
3 reset from 370 level, 
4 reset from 380 level,
5 reset from 390 level,
6 reset from 400 level and so on.

SimpleMU Server Grand Opening 8 September

05:00 PM Server Time (UTC+3)
11:00 AM Argentina (UTC-3)
04:00 PM Poland (UTC+2)
09.00 PM Vietnam (UTC+7)
10.00 PM Philippines (UTC+8)

Server will start with 2 Sub-Servers: PvP and NoPvP!

Basic Info:
Experience: x1000
Drop: 35%
Max stats: 32767
Resets: unlimited (/reset in-game)
Grand Resets: enabled, from 250 resets, 10000 points & 1000 credits reward (/greset in-game)
Spots: everywhere, 6-7 mobs per spot (press TAB to see on mini-map)
Party exp: (Solo = 100%, 2 players = 80%, 3 players = 90%, 4 players = 110%, 5 players = 120%, GP = +5%)
Guild and Aliance: max 2 guild in aliance, max 25 players in guild, create guild from 100 level
Elf Soldier Buff: till 300 level, max 5 resets
Create all character from lvl 1 (SUM, MG, DL, RF)
Mu Helper: u can use Mu Helper from 1 lvl
All events works with good rewards
There are no /pkclear, you must kill mobs to clear PK
/post from 150 lvl, 100k Zen
/re auto - auto party
/addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /addcmd - stats add
/pack <jewelname> 10,20,30 - pack bless, soul and other jewels, maximum 160 jewels, unpack - /unpack

Registration is opened: Create SimpleMU account

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