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21-07-2018 Update.

Hi guys, we make some changes for you.

Rebalanced all monsters.
Enabled all maps (except Nixie, Ferea, Deep Dungeons and Swamp of Darkness).
Added spots in Aida, Kanturu, Karutan, Raklion (also marked on mini-map TAB).
Enabled Barracks and 3rd Quest. 
Enabled Blood Castle, Devil Square and Chaos Castle.
Added Invitations in BC/DS/CC to Lumen the Barmaid (Event Square).
Enabled Moon Rabbit, Pouch of Blessing, Fire Flame Ghost and Golden Goblin Events.
Added Lightning Shock to drops of Tarkan 1.
Added Shinning Peak to Tarkan 2.
Added Multishot to Kanturu and Icarus.
CashShop content updated.
Increased drop of Zen.

Update 2 will be released in a few days.

We are pleased to announce the opening of our Season 13 SimpleMU server!

Opening Time:
05:00 PM Server Time (UTC+3)
11:00 AM Argentina (UTC-3)
04:00 PM Poland (UTC+2)
09.00 PM Vietnam (UTC+7)
10.00 PM Philippines (UTC+8)


Like, Share and Tag 10 friends to get 500 Coins!

Basic Info:
Version: Season 13 Episode 1 + Original Content

Normal: x1000 (Dynamic).
Master: x100.

Our dynamic experience system was not only the first, but was and still is the most complex as it changes with your level, resets, the map you are in, the monsters you are killing, if you are in a party or not, etc.

500 Level Up Points per Reset.

Rebirths (Grand Resets):
They are optional, from 100 Resets onwards. All the Resets and stats are cleared and you receive 2,500 Coins.

32k on each attribute.
Maximum total of 50,000 points (all attributes combined), your build matters.

Webshop: Coins usable on the in-game shop, We don't sell F.O. items.

Voting: You get Coins for each valid vote, more details in account panel!

Maximum of 2 OffStores per PC. This exclusive feature of our server prevents abuse resulting in servers getting full very quickly.
Not possible to open OffStores in Lorencia to allow for a smoother PvP.

Mu Helper and OffLevel: Enabled.

Spots: Everywhere, 5 mobs and more at spot.

Chaos Machine: Default.
Jewel of Soul: 70%
Jewel of Soul + Luck: 95%
Jewel of Life: 60%

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