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Ingame commands

Message commands:


/post "message"

 Send message in global chat.

@ "message"

 Send message in guild chat.

@@ "message"

 Send message in aliance chat.

@> "message"

 Set guild announcement.

~ "message"

 Send message in party chat.

Add stats commands:


/addstr "amount"

Add stats in Strength.

/addagi "amount"

Add stats in Agility.

/addvit "amount"

Add stats in Vitality.

/addene "amount"

Add stats in Energy.

/addcmd "amount"

Add stats in Command.

/addstr auto "amount"

Auto add stats in Strength.

/addagi auto "amount"

Auto add stats in Agility.

/addvit auto "amount"

Auto add stats in Vitality.

/addene auto "amount"

Auto add stats in Energy.

/addcmd auto "amount"

Auto add stats in Command.

Guild commands:



Declare war to another guild.


Offer another guild to play football.

LevelUp commands:



Offline attack mode.


Join the party with other player.

/follow "PartyMemberName"

Moves character to the selected party member.

Pack/Unpack jewels commands:


/pack chaos 10/20/30

Pack Jewel of Chaos 10, 20 or 30.

/pack bless 10/20/30

Pack Jewel of Bless 10, 20 or 30.

/pack soul 10/20/30

Pack Jewel of Soul 10, 20 or 30.

/pack life 10/20/30

Pack Jewel of Life 10, 20 or 30.

/pack creation 10/20/30

Pack Jewel of Creation 10, 20 or 30.

/pack guardian 10/20/30

Pack Jewel of Guardian 10, 20 or 30.

/pack gemstone 10/20/30

Pack Jewel of Gemstone 10, 20 or 30.

/pack loref 10/20/30

Pack Lower refining stone 10, 20 or 30.

/pack hiref 10/20/30

Pack Higher refining stone 10, 20 or 30.

To unpack jewels send command "/unpack  10/20/30".

Main commands:


/info "CharName"

Check character's Level, Resets, GResets.

/dcchar "CharName" "AccountPassword"

Disconnect selected character from game.


Reset character.


Grand Reset character.


Reset your stats.


Offline Store.

/re on

Accept requests from other players.

/re off

Do not accept requests from other players.

/re auto

Auto accept requests from other players.

/re auto "Password"

Auto accept requests from other players with same password. Ex: /re auto 1234.

/vault 0/1/2/3/4/5

Additional warehouses. Free players - 2 warehouses, VIP players - 6 warehouses.


Clear PK status. Free players - 25kk Zen, VIP players - 10kk Zen.
Posted 03 / 03 / 2019

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