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Server was updated.

We have added 7 new Weapons (Sword, Blade, Staff, Stick & etc.), 1 item per each class.
We have added 7 new Sets, 1 set per each class.
We have added 4 new Shields.
Items can have Excellent, Socket options.
You can get it from Selupan Boss & Medusa Boss with random Exc. options and random Socket options.

Added new ingame command - /follow. Usage: /follow <PartyMemberName>.
Moves character to the selected party member.

Added new ingame commands - /rebuild.
Reset your stats to free LevelUpPoints. Cost 10mil Zen.

All HUNT Events (Balrog, Hydra, Pouch of Blessing, Zaikan & etc.) moved to Icarus for better experience.
Now there are all HUNT in Icarus. You need update your game client (re-open Launcher).
For kill 1 HUNT you get 2 Credits!

We have changed VIP Advantages. You can check it out here.
Added guide with available ingame commands. Link on the main page or here.

Some minor fixes.

Posted 06 / 03 / 2019

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